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Wind Speed Monitor

Seamlessly functional yet deceptively simple.
The wind speed monitor delivers a clear representation of wind speed In a number of different units depending on the application it is used on.
An adjustable alarm can be set in case anyone in close proximity needs to be informed about the wind speed encroaching over a certain limit.

The display and anemometer are built with the highest standard allowing this robust pair to stride through even the most demanding environments.


A Wind Speed Display

Wind speed monitor is now Wireless

With the wind speed monitor able to transmit within the 2.4Ghz band this makes the wireless wind speed monitor ideal for practically any vehicle. The benefits of a wireless solution is a very small installation time, reliable long distance signal and the freedom to set the system virtually anywhere.

The anemometer is powered with 2 NiCd batteries which are constantly charged by a small solar cell which results into a substantial battery life.

The wireless monitor is in the late stages of development and will be on sale soon.


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